About Us

The latest version of Asia Thinkers pays tribute to Roy Edwards, my partner and free thinker who, like myself, wanted to provide a channel for social issues to gain public exposure. Asia Thinkers highlights new ideas and documents the hard work and dedication of NGOs, social activists and community leaders in Asia who dedicate their time and effort to social change and environmental causes.

Asia Thinkers is a nonprofit, independently run and operated website. Our ethos is to provide insight and understanding regarding the work carried out by the many unsung individuals and groups, in the hope that it will then inspire others to embark on a similar journey and support those who are making a difference in Asia. We seek not only to be informative but to connect people and organisations so we can grow together.

Editor and Co- founder

A lifetime in Asia, working and supporting Asian Social Enterprises and NGOs
as a consultant, fundraiser and mentor of social enterprises.